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I Want To Open A Daycare

Business Profile

Name: Precious Beginnings Preschool, LLC
Founded: 2001
Licensed: Yes
Description of product or service: High quality childcare and kindergarten preparation for preschool children.

Things to Consider

What type of daycare is Precious Beginnings Preschool?
It is a Group Day Care Home. That means it is a state licensed facilty providing childcare for no more than 12 children at a time.   There are also three additional types of daycare:

  • Family Day Care Home – A state licensed single caregiver who is providing care for up to 6 unrelated children in their home.
  • Day Care Center – State licensed facility providing care for 7 or more children.
  • Nursery School – Pennsylvania Department of Education licensed part time preschool facility.

How was the location chosen?
The location was chosen because it is:

  • Located 1 block from three different bus routes, and is just 4 blocks from the subway.
  • Across the street from a playground.
  • Well lit with lots of large windows and 12 foot ceilings.
  • Offered an opportunity to have an open classroom.

How did you get the word out about your new business?
A lot of different advertising mediums were used:

  • An advertisement was placed in the local neighborhood paper. Since the distribution was limited to a specific area of the city, the cost was lower. Also, it was a good way to reach the target audience.
  • Flyers were placed in mailboxes within a five block radius.
  • Flyers were passed out in the city’s business district.
  • A sign was placed next to the building.
  • A sign was placed on the building.

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